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How should I perform my back ups?

You should be performing back ups preferably every night. We recommend following the 3-2-1 rule. This means to keep 3 copies of your data on 2 different devices and 1 off-site solution such as the cloud. By keeping regular back ups, if any disaster were to strike, you would at least have a couple copies of your data.

Should I still be using my Windows 7 or 8.1 computer?

We do not recommend using these two older versions of Windows. These versions no longer get any security updates and some applications no longer work. Windows 10 will be losing support and security updates, like Windows 7 and 8.1, in 2024 so be prepared to get computers that will run Windows 11.

How should I create passwords?

The best way to create passwords is to use a passphrase or even a randmized password with numbers, capitals, and special characters. Do not use any personal information such as your social security number, credit cards, etc. Still having trouble? Create a strong password using dinopass.com

Should I store my password in a password manager?

Yes, using password managers are a smart way to store strong passwords safely. We do not recommend using LastPass due to recent security breaches. Other managers we recommend are google’s built in password manager in Chrome, Keeper, and 1Password.

How do I choose the best anti-virus?

Anti-virus software is contantly changing and the best software to use moves from brand to brand. Based on today’s security landscape, Malwarebytes is the anti-virus we recommend to use. 

Why am I unable to send or receive emails on Outlook?

Verifiy first that you are connected to the internet before proceeding. If you are using Outlook, and you are being prompted to re-enter your password, try completing that first. If that does not work, try resetting your email password and trying that again. Check your RSS Feeds folder, junk mail, spam, trash, etc. If you find your mail being sent to any of these locations or still cannot get past this issue, contact IT support. 

Should I get a solid state drive (SSD)?

By installing a SSD, your computer’s performance will drastically improve. Especially in speed. Traditional hard drives rely on mechanical parts that over time wear out and can cause your computer drops in it’s speed and performance.

Why am I getting a blue screen?

A blue screen can be caused my multiple different issues. Some of these include a failing storage device or even a corrupted operating system.

Can a Mac get a virus?

Mac’s are not fullproof. They can still get viruses and need protection just as much as Windows computers. Protect your Mac devices by keeping your operating system up to date and investing in anti-virus software.

Who is Ethel?

Ethel is a space lamb who crash landed on earth and has made her home at CET. She has become the unofficial mascot and best friends with the staff. When you come into the office you may see her chilling on our desks, hanging from cabinets, etc.