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Girls in ICT Day!

International Girls in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every April, and in 2023, it falls on April 27th. This day aims to inspire girls and young women to consider pursuing careers in ICT and to help bridge...

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The Fight Against Cyber Censorship!

Cyber censorship is a practice of limiting and controlling access to information on the internet. While the internet was initially hailed as a beacon of free speech, in recent years governments around the world have been increasingly using cyber censorship as a tool...

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National Digital Learning Day!

Digital learning has revolutionized the education sector, helping students and teachers alike to overcome some of the long-standing challenges facing the traditional classroom setting. Whether through online courses or collaborative tools that facilitate...

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In May 2000, the world was rocked by one of the most notorious computer scams ever. It was called the ILOVEYOU virus, and it spread rapidly across the world, infecting millions of computers. The virus was created by two Filipino hackers, Onel de Guzman and Reonel...

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