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Not sure why your computer suddenly stopped powering on? Need more explaination as to why a program or app keeps crashing after an update? Diagnostic work strives to find the answers as to the root cause of your device’s issues!

Benefits of Diagnostic work:

  • Diagnostic work helps us to get a general idea of the health of the computer to better build an action plan for any repairs!
  • We can give you realistic expectations like if the repair can be done, the price of the repair, and a good faith estimate on how long it will take to complete.
  • Can be done in your home/office, remotely, or in our office!
  • Remotely, we can help diagnose software and some hardware issues.
  • In your home/office, we can diagnose most hardware issues and software issues.
  • In office, we have more tools to diagnose more issues than any other level of repair.